Our Mission

As investors and leaders of large corporations we have seen world class talent and unmatched commitment to results throughout the region.

We have witnessed amazing value generated by empowering talented teams and providing them with financial, leadership, strategy and operational support.

Our mission is to team up with the best managers and empower them to deliver results, investing our own capital in the projects we manage, aligning objectives to deliver results and create value.

Operating Model

Scale Capital is an investment firm founded and operated by top business leaders in Ibero-America.  

Our People First methodology allows for fast-paced engagement with portfolio company management leveraging our virtual interaction capabilities

Scale is a multi-cultural team with extensive experience and relationships in Latin America, US and Europe

Extensive Advisor Database with strong relationships and aligned objectives

Track Record

Consistently delivering double digit growth

Outperforming competition to achieve market leadership

Delivering superior customer loyalty, above industry average

Driving cultural transformation to collectively deliver success

Managing businesses in different stages of growth and maturity

Leading major turnarounds to deliver sustainable profitability

Scale Capital Fund I: Amérigo Chile

In 2013 we launched our first US$ 35M fund, Amérigo Chile Early Stage & Growth Fund. With Telefónica Open Future as anchor investor and a line of credit from Corfo, the Chilean development agency. 

We have closed the investment period of the fund having made seven investments with an average ticket size of US$ 3M and an average preferred ownership of 25%.

The funds main investment strategy has been business to business SaaS companies with high growth potential having selectively invested in platform economy.

Management Team


Oliver A. Flögel

Managing Partner


Kyung-A Im Son

Chief Financial Officer

Senior Advisors


Maria Olga Zalazar

Senior Fund Advisor


Peter Markham

Senior Fund Advisor


Andrés Cargill

CEO Soluciones Orión


Marcos Kulka

CEO Fundación Chile


Rodrigo Albagli V.

Senior Fund Advisor


Rodrigo Del Campo

Senior Fund Advisor