Pablo Principles bw

Guiding Principles

Scale Capital hands-on approach is anchored on superior performance in 3 pillars, supported by extensive commercial relationships and a deep network

People & Performance
  • Alignment
    • Measure right
    • Communicate openly and extensively
    • Build and Reinforce Trust
  • Excellence
    • Nothing short of excellence is acceptable
    • Review often; address early


  • The difference between excellent and average performance is enormous
    • A well designed KPI system is critical to success
    • Frequent and short reviews are much more effective at improving
Customer Experience
  • Defect free product / service delivered:
    • in a caring manner
    • In a timely fashion
  • With exceptional problem resolution processes


  • We apply world class CX principles that generate significant value
    • Foster effective company culture
    • Develop and sustain customer loyalty
  • We believe in the role of technology to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes.


  • While not an impact investor, we believe that responsible business conduct is key to long term success, including:
    • Increase of Employee Satisfaction
    • Pursuit of  Diversity & Inclusion
    • Understanding of the Corporate Footprint
    • Leverage the value of diversity and equal opportunity
Our Values
Our Execution Playbook
  • Achieve clarity on 5 year vision and short term value creation
  • Design financial and operating metric performance management model to:
    • Achieve transparency and alignment
    • Focus on cash
    • Highlight metrics that drive results
  • Organize quickly and fairly
    • Make organizations empowered and entrepreneurial
    • Work closely with existing management in organizational design for growth
  • Build trust and Align